Barrier boards − For better protection against moisture and grease

Metsä Board’s pure, safe barrier boards are suitable for food, food service and other packaging applications that require resistance to grease or moisture. Our portfolio includes both PE extrusion-coated paperboards and an easily recyclable and compostable barrier paperboard.

Traceable and renewable raw materials 

Our barrier boards are made of pure, renewable fresh fibres and they can be used for direct food contact. They are ideal for food service and takeaway packaging such as cups, trays and containers but they suit well also for chilled and frozen food packaging.

Easily recyclable and compostable barrier paperboard

MetsäBoard Prime FBB EB is an easily recyclable and compostable barrier paperboard with dispersion barrier coating. It is strong yet lightweight, with a medium barrier against grease and moisture, and it can be recycled along with paper or paperboard, or composted. 

MetsäBoard Prime FBB EB is made from fully traceable and pure fresh fibre with no fluorochemicals or optical brighteners (OBAs), meaning it is safe for direct food contact applications. It is the brightest OBA-free board on the market, with excellent printability on both sides.

Use less plastic with our PE extrusion coated paperboards

PE extrusion coating creates a protective layer on paperboard to protect the product inside. We offer both single and double-coated paperboards. Single-coated (1PE) board is used for hotcups, plates and other food service packaging that requires a barrier against liquid. Double coated (2PE) board is often used for cold cups such as ice cream and frozen food packaging to provide a barrier against liquid and moisture.