Food service boards − Renewable, recyclable food service packaging solutions

As our lifestyles become ever busier, the popularity of takeaway and fast food has increased rapidly. These applications require packaging materials that are safe for direct food contact, protect the food, present it well and are convenient to use. Our food service boards can be formed into cups, plates, bowls, trays and takeaway packaging.

Renewable and recyclable paperboard

Paperboard is popular with consumers because it is made from renewable and recyclable fresh fibres. Metsä Board’s food service board range includes coated boards that offer superb printability for a powerful, consistent brand impact and uncoated boards for when a clean, natural finish is desirable.

Barrier coating helps protect the food

Our portfolio includes both PE extrusion-coated paperboards and an easily recyclable and compostable dispersion coated barrier paperboard for applications that require resistance to moisture and grease.

Safe for direct food contact

Because our fresh fibre paperboards are fully traceable, naturally pure, and free from unknown chemical substances, they are safe for direct and indirect food contact applications – meaning food will taste exactly like it's meant to.