Outlook and result guidance

Metsä Board estimates its near term outlook in each interim report and provides a verbal guidance on the development of the operating result for the next quarter.

Near term outlook

Source: Interim report January–March 2023

The decline in global economic growth and weakening purchasing power of consumers’ are causing uncertainty in the market. The outlook for the near-term development of paperboard sales remains weak.

Metsä Board’s paperboard delivery volumes in April–June 2023 are expected to remain roughly at the same level as in January–March 2023 (380,000 tonnes). The average prices for paperboards are expected to remain stable.

The demand outlook for market pulp will remain muted  in both Europe and China. The market prices for pulp (PIX) are expected to decrease from the first quarter. The demand for sawn timber is expected to pick up somewhat in the second quarter.

Total costs are expected to remain fairly stable.

Several annual maintenance shutdowns will take place at Finnish mills in the second quarter.

In April–June 2023, exchange rate fluctuations, including the impact of hedges, will have a positive impact on the operating result compared to January–March 2023 and a clear positive impact compared to April–June 2022.

Result guidance for April–June 2023

Metsä Board’s comparable operating result in April– June 2023 is expected to be weaker than in January–March 2023.