MetsäBoard Natural FBB 2PE 12/12

Barrier boards
MetsäBoard Natural FBB 2PE 12/12

MetsäBoard Natural FBB 2PE – Purity and safety to go

MetsäBoard Natural FBB is an uncoated folding boxboard which is suitable for offset and flexo printing. PE coating is applied at the extrusion line on both sides.

PE extrusion coating creates a protective layer on paperboard to protect the packed product. Double coated 2PE is used for frozen food, chilled food, food service packaging and fast-moving consumer goods that require barrier against moisture.

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Product specifications

Product features

Product name MetsäBoard Natural FBB 2PE 12/12
Product description Folding boxboard, uncoated, hard sized, OBA free, PE coating top (glossy) and reverse side (matt)


Product type Barrier boards
End use Frozen food, Chilled food, Plates, Trays
Printing method Offset, Flexo
Food contact Suitable for food contact*
*Please contact Metsä Board for details of grammage and / or country-specific, restrictions and limitations.