Financial targets and dividend policy

Our decision making is guided by our profitability targets and the ambition to increase shareholder value. We focus on the continuous improvement of cost-effectiveness and on customer accounts which benefit from the high performance of the company's products and services. Our goal is to distribute a competitive dividend to our owners and maintain our strong financial position.

Our long-term financial targets are

  • a minimum of 12% comparable return on capital employed, and
  • a maximum of 2.5x in net debt/comparable EBITDA (12 months). 

Comparable ROCE
Metsä Board Comparable ROCE actual

Net debt per comparable EBITDA
Metsä Board's Net debt per Comparable EBITDA

In addition, we aim to distribute at least 50% of the result for the financial period in dividends every year. 

See dividend distribution in past 10 years in here.

Dividend payout ratio

Metsä Board's Dividend payout ratio
*including equity distribution