Husum board and pulp mill

Metsä Board Husum mill in Sweden is an integrated board and pulp mill producing folding boxboard, uncoated white kraftliner and bleached chemical pulp.
  • 1919



  • 700


    Number of employees

  • 600


    FBB capacity

  • 250


    WKL capacity

  • 730


    BKP capacity

Typical end uses for the folding boxboards produced at Husum include packaging for chocolate and confectionery, foodstuffs, medical and healthcare products and beautycare products as well as graphic applications.

The white kraftliners are used as surface liners in consumer, retail and shelf-ready corrugated packaging for branded products, such as household appliances and electronics, beverages, food, fruit and vegetables. They are also used as a material for shopping bags and as fluting in corrugated board.

The main markets for the paperboards are Europe and North America. Roughly half of the chemical pulp produced at Husum is sold as market pulp. The site has its own harbour, providing an efficient logistics link to the main markets.

The mill also has an extrusion coating line serving the global food and food service packaging market. Metsä Board has made an investment decision to increase the folding boxboard capacity at the Husum mill by 200,000 tonnes a year. The pulp mill will undergo a two-phase renewal project during the 2020s. The first phase comprises a new recovery boiler and a turbine, which will significantly increase the mill’s self-sufficiency in electricity production. In January 2021, the Swedish forest owners’ association Norra Skog purchased 30% of the pulp mill.

All the wood raw material the mill uses is traceable and comes from sustainably managed Northern European forests, which are either PEFC or FSC® certified, or meet the criteria for controlled origin. The mill is committed to Metsä Board’s target of achieving completely fossil free mills and products by the end of 2030.


Production lines

​Two board machines
(Trim width 6.50 m, speed up to 1,300 m/min, grammage range 70–365 g/m²)
One coater
One extrusion coating line
Two wood-handling lines for pine/spruce and birch, pulp mill with two fibre lines for bleached softwood pulp and bleached hardwood pulp
Two drying machines
Mill info sheet (PDF)


Postal address
896 80 Husum
Tel. +46 663 18000

Visiting address
Bruksvägen 90

Olov Winblad von Walter
Tel: +46 70 317 81 11

Information officer
Tonniette Lundgren
+46 73 070 40 65

Driving instructions to the mill

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Mill history

  1. 1919

    Mill established

    Unbleached kraft pulp production started

  2. 1946

    Birch pulp production started

  3. 1966

    Fully bleached pulp production started

  4. 1972

    Paper machine PM6 start-up

  5. 1976

    Paper machine PM7 start-up

  6. 1985

    Paper machine PM8 start-up

  7. 1996

    New wood handling plant started

  8. 1997

    New evaporation plant started

  9. 2001

    Coating machine start-up

  10. 2013

    Linerboard production started (PM8 > BM2)

  11. 2015

    Closure of paper machines PM6 and PM7

  12. 2016

    New folding boxboard line (BM1) opened

  13. 2017

    Extrusion coating line start-up

  14. 2022

    Renewal programme – phase 1

    New recovery boiler and turbine start-up planned

  15. 2020s

    Renewal programme – phase 2

    New fibre line to replace two existing lines