Population growth, urbanisation, climate change, biodiversity loss  and digitalisation are the strongest megatrends of the 2020s. Global megatrends influence companies’ actions and set safety, quality and sustainability requirements for packaging. The changing operating environment creates challenges, but also opportunities for long-term growth and development.

Operating environment supports growing demand
for fresh fibre paperboards

  • Population growth, urbanisation and rising living standards drive packaging
  • Global e-commerce continues to grow
  • Availability and quality of recycled fibre is declining
  • Regulation and consumer preferences favour fossil free packaging materials
  • The requirements of the circular economy become more specific and drive the development of the industry



Global megatrends affecting our business

Megatrends population growthPopulation growth

Population growth and rising living standards increase consumption. Economic growth boosts the demand for packaging materials.

Megatrends urbanisationUrbanisation

​​​​​​​More than half the world’s population lives in urban areas. Cities are the engines of economic growth. Urban lifestyle increases the demand of packed products. Paperboard packaging enables an effective and safe distribution of goods and is easily recyclable, which decreases waste and supports the circular economy.

Megatrends climate changeClimate change

Climate change concerns us all, and our future must be based on the resource-efficient use of sustainably produced renewable natural resources. Wood-based products play an important role in creating a low-carbon economy and mitigating climate change.

Megatrends biodiversity lossBiodiversity loss

Biodiversity loss must be prevented, because biodiversity is a prerequisite for life. We ensure that the wood we use comes from responsibly managed forests that grow more than they are used. It is important to us to safeguard biodiversity, which also makes nature more resilient to climate change.​​​​​​​

Megatrends digitalisationDigitalisation

​​​​​​​The strongest trend in technology is digitalisation, which renews consumer behaviour, customer experiences and industry. Digitalisation produces a vast amount of data for industries, which companies can use in basically all operations, from wood procurement to customer work.