Why invest in Metsä Board?

Metsä Board is a leading European producer of premium fresh fibre paperboards and a forerunner in sustainability. Our decision making is guided by our profitability and sustainablility targets as well as the ambition to increase shareholder value. We have over 60,000 shareholders in Finland and abroad - households, institutions and organisations. We are part of profitable Metsä Group.

Focus on sustainable fresh fibre paperboards

We focus on premium and recyclable fresh fibre paperboards, used primarily in consumer goods packaging and for various retail packaging solutions. The demand for these products is stable, regardless of economic cycles. Our main products include folding boxboards and food service boards as well as white kraftliners.

Strong position in a growing market

We are a leading producer of folding boxboard and white kraftliners in Europe, and globally the biggest producer of coated white kraftliners. In the United States, we are the largest supplier of folding boxboard. We estimate that the global demand for our main products will grow by an annual rate of roughly 2–3% in the long-term. Our customers include brand owners, converters, manufacturers of corrugated products and merchants.

Aiming for a fossil free future

We aim for fossil free production and products by the end of 2030. This requires investments and the exploration of alternative raw materials in cooperation with our partners. Our products support the circular economy and provide alternatives to plastic – they are light, recyclable and/or compostable.

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We are part of Metsä Group 

We are part of profitable Metsä Group and benefit from the good availability of our main raw material, northern wood. Our self-sufficiency in pulp guarantees the consistent and high quality of the fibre and enables the growth of our paperboard business. Metsä Group’s value chain, from the forest to the end products and further on to customer, operates according to the principles of sustainability and is circular economy at its best.