Sustainable financing

Sustainability as an essential part of Metsä Board's strategy steers the long-term business development. Sustainability evaluation is always part of the relevant development, investment and financing planning.

Green Finance Framework

As part of Metsä Group, Metsä Board adopts a Green Finance Framework, which links sustainable development and climate change mitigation to the financing activities. 

The Green Finance Framework applies to environmentally sustainable investments such as increasing the share of renewable energy, improving resource and energy efficiency or reducing the water usage. The framework is based on Metsä Group’s ambitious sustainability targets for 2030.

Sustainalytics has given a second-party opinion on Metsä Group’s Green Finance Framework. 

Metsä Board's financing linked to the sustainability targets

Metsä Board has a bank financing facility consisting of a loan of EUR 150 million (expiring 2025) and a multicurrency revolving credit facility (“RCF”) of EUR 200 million (expiring 2027). The margin of the RCF is linked to sustainability criteria that are based on selected Metsä Board’s 2030 sustainability targets:

1. Reduction in specific water consumption
2. Reduction in specific energy consumption

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