Thinking inside the box – the cell phone package of the future

What will the cell phones of the future look like, and what will they be packaged in? Bio-based packaging like paperboard is opening up a whole new world of possibilities for designers and provides a blank canvas to let the imagination run free.

Metsä Board experts took up the challenge and created a perfectly synchronised concept for the phone of the future and the package it would come in. The idea was born out of a Metsä Board co-creation workshop with technology and material experts, a 3D artist, packaging designers and a packaging manufacturer.


Taking inspiration from nature

The industrial designers in the project came up with a transparent phone design that reflects shapes from nature, like a water drop or clam shell. They also wanted to see the phone more as a device which could help people with their daily routines.

Metsä Board H2O device with natural design

Renewable and recyclable primary packaging

The primary packaging concept is a combination of a3D fibre product and paperboard. The design showcases the potential of fibre-based packaging to act as protective cushioning, providing a renewable, recyclable alternative to plastic.

The 3D fibre product not only protects the phone during transport, it also serves as a travel kit. Nowadays, in these kinds of concepts, the fibre trays are mainly meant to be recycled after unboxing, but we wanted to create a solution where some elements have a secondary use.

Versatile outer packaging

The outer packaging is a combination of white kraftliner and folding boxboard. The packaging is reversible and therefore suitable for both ecommerce and retail applications.

Folding boxboard provides an excellent printing substrate and makes it possible to use eye-catching multilayer embossing plus unique material-free nano and micro embossing optical effects.