Wow factor with special effects

Special effects require paperboard with excellent strength, smoothness, stiffness, and whiteness characteristics as well as an exceptional coating. The paperboard must comply with stringent runnability specifications in order to perform flawlessly, efficiently, and predictably across a variety of special effects processes.

Metsä Board’s graphical brochure: Creating an artistic vision on paperboard 

Original artwork masterpieces have been created throughout history by artists using substrates such as plaster, metal, and canvas to achieve their creative visions. Conversely, not all paperboards are able to convey artistic visions containing complex print, textures, and special effects.

Our graphical brochure demonstrates how brilliantly Metsä Board’s folding boxboard works as a printing surface.  Converted in conjunction with modern printing and decoration techniques, Metsä Board’s folding boxboard is able to capture the attention of consumers by enabling the use of various tactile effects.  The smoothness and whiteness of MetsäBoard Prime FBB Bright, our flagship product, are excellent attributes for reproducing special effects.


4 printing passes
6 printing colours
8 hot-foil passes, each with unique tooling
5 embossing passes, each with unique tooling
2 water-based varnishes (glossy, matte)
2 die-cutting tools
Creasing and cutting
Combined total of 26 separate machine runs


Material: MetsäBoard Prime FBB
Bright 355 g/m2 (23.6 pt)
Design: Marko Leiviskä, Metsä Board

The combination of various decorating techniques transforms and sculpts the paperboard into a highly impactful artform with texture and feeling.