Metsä Board is a leading European producer of premium fresh fibre paperboards and a forerunner in sustainability. The decision making is guided by profitability and sustainability targets and the ambition to increase shareholder value. The goal is to maintain a strong financial position and distribute a competitive dividend to the shareholders.


Our strategy is to grow in fibre-based packaging materials and renew our industrial operations. 

We implement our strategy through five strategic programmes that drive
sustainable growth in fibre-based packaging materials and industrial efficiency.


Our strategic programmes:


Premium supplier



Effective innovation


Safe and efficient operations and organic growth

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Leader in sustainability

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Motivated people

Our vision

Preferred supplier of innovative and sustainable fibre-based packaging solutions, creating value for customers globally.

Our purpose

Advancing bioeconomy ​ and circular economy by efficiently and sustainably processing northern wood ​ into first-class products.​ ​