CEO and other management


Mika Joukio, M. Sc. (Eng.), born in 1964, started as the Company's Chief Executive Officer on 1st October 2014. The CEO is responsible for the daily management of the Company’s administration according to the guidelines and instructions given by the Board. In addition, the CEO is responsible for ensuring that the Company’s accounting has been carried out according to applicable laws and that asset management has been organised in a reliable manner. The CEO manages the Company’s daily business and is responsible for controlling and steering the businesses.

The CEO has a written contract approved by the Board. The Board monitors the CEO’s performance and provides a performance evaluation once a year. The CEO is covered by the Finnish Employees’ Pension Act, which provides for a pension compensation based on service years and earnings. Basic salary, rewards and fringe benefits are included in the calculation, but not stock option or share plan based income. The Company has commissioned an extra pension insurance policy for the CEO, entitling the CEO to retire at the age of 62. The policy entitles the CEO to receive pension compensation equal to 60 per cent of his salary at the time of retirement (calculated in accordance with Finnish pension laws) on the basis of a five-year-period preceding the moment of retirement. The cost to the Company of the CEO's extra pension insurance was in 2022 altogether 589,122 euros.

The Board appoints and discharges the CEO. The Board can discharge the CEO without a specific reason. The CEO can also resign from his assignment. The mutual term of notice is six months. The Board may, however, decide to discharge the CEO without a period of notice. When the service contract of the CEO is terminated by the Board, the CEO is entitled to receive discharge compensation equal to his 12-month salary.

Deputy to the CEO

The Board can at its discretion appoint a Deputy to the CEO. The Deputy to the CEO is responsible for carrying out the CEO's tasks when the CEO in unable to perform his duties. For the time being no Deputy to the CEO has been appointed.

  • Mika Joukio

    Mika Joukio

  • Henri Sederholm
    Chief Financial Officer

    Henri Sederholm

  • Markku Leskelä
    Senior Vice President, Development

    Markku Leskelä

  • Jussi Noponen
    Senior Vice President, Sales and Supply Chain

    Jussi Noponen

  • Harri Pihlajaniemi
    Senior Vice President, Production and Technology

    Harri Pihlajaniemi

  • Camilla Wikström
    Senior Vice President, Human Resources

    Camilla Wikström

Corporate Management team with responsibilities

Each Corporate Management Team member has a written employment or service contract. With the exception of the CEO, members of the Corporate Management Team have no extraordinary pension arrangements which would deviate from applicable pension legislation. With the exception of the CEO, the term of notice of Corporate Management Team members is six months.

The Corporate Management Team’s tasks and responsibilities include planning investments, specifying and preparing the Company’s strategic guidelines, allocating resources, controlling routine functions as well as preparing several matters to be reviewed by the Board.

The Corporate Management Team convenes at the Chair's invitation once a month, as a rule, and also otherwise when necessary.