Global pulp market

Global annual consumption of pulp made from fresh fibre totals roughly 179 million tonnes, of which 107 million tonnes is captive, meaning that it is integrated to paper or paperboard production, for example. The remaining 72 million tonnes is sold to markets, and is mainly bleached softwood and hardwood pulp.

Market pulp

Global annual demand for market pulp is roughly 72 million tonnes. This consists of: hardwood pulp (41 Mt), softwood pulp (25 Mt), high-yield pulp or CTMP (3 Mt) and unbleached pulp (3 Mt). 

Different pulp grades

The length and strength of fibres vary depending on the wood species. Therefore, pulp grades have properties suitable for different end uses. Softwood pulp consists of long fibres, giving strength, while hardwood pulp consisting of short fibres, gives excellent surface properties. Different pulp grades are often mixed, particularly in the production of paperboards. 

BCTMP (bleached chemi-thermomechanical pulp) is bleached chemical pulp. Its manufacture combines mechanical and chemical pulping processes for removing the fibres. For example, in the production of folding boxboard, the middle layer of paperboard is BCTMP, which makes the board light but yet stiff.

Market pulp prices

Pulp price (PIX) development in Europe and China are disclosed quarterly in Metsä Board's Results and Investor presentations, and can be found in here



Global demand of market pulp by area, %

Source: PPPC

Global demand of market BSKP by end use, %