White kraftliner

White kraftliners are used as raw materials for corrugated board that is one of the most popular and widely used packaging material globally, thanks to the many benefits it provides.

Kraftliners are made of fresh wood fibres which makes them lightweight, strong and safe.

A white kraftliners’ surface provides excellent printing results and can enhance corrugated packaging as marketing medium throughout its whole life cycle – for example, during transportation and storage, and at retail stores and in consumers’ homes.

Coated white-top kraftliners have two fibre layers and a coating layer on the top. There are also single layer white kraftliners. Each layer brings in beneficial properties.

Corrugated board − Strong but lightweight

Corrugated board is a strong, but lightweight packaging material that helps to reduce the carbon footprint of packaging. It can be tailored for most packaging needs and designs. It saves space in storage and transport and has a high stacking strength.

Corrugated board can be printed using several printing methods. Flexo pre and postprinting are the most commonly used ones, but silk screen, offset and digital printing can also be used.

Corrugated board has a high recycling rate; 89 % of corrugated boxes are recycled (Source FEFCO). Made of renewable resources, corrugated board offers several opportunities to reduce plastic packaging and provides valuable material for the global recycling loop.

Corrugated board structures

Single wall corrugated board is the most common packaging material used today. The caliper of corrugated board varies depending on the flute type, ranging from 0.6 mm (O-flute) to 8.0 mm (D-flute) and the caliper of its kraftliners and fluting.


Double and triple wall corrugated boards are used for heavier end uses.

Different liners and flutings are used, depending on the requirements of packed product – the size, strength and printing quality of the packaging can therefore be tailored.



End uses for corrugated board

Corrugated board is used in transport, retail-ready, shelf-ready and consumer packaging as well as for point-of-sales materials.  Corrugated packaging using pure, fresh wood fibre kraftliners is a safe choice for food products.

Coated white kraftliners enable high-quality printing and ensure excellent printed reproduction of brand colours.

The most common end uses for corrugated  retail-ready and consumer packaging made of white kraftliners are:

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Processed food
  • Beverages
  • Consumer electronics
  • Home appliances

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