Our strengths include an ethical and responsible corporate culture, management through clear objectives, fair allocation of responsibilities and fast decision making.

All our production units and almost 90% of our personnel are located in Finland and Sweden, both of which have high-standard statutory requirements concerning working conditions, including reasonable working hours, annual leave, parental leave and part-time work. We also comply with local legislation in all the other countries in which we operate. Our entire personnel is entitled to free occupational health care and can choose whether they belong or do not belong to a trade union. The benefits for well-being at work are equal for permanent and fixed-term employees. As an employer, we are guided by company-wide policies which we expect every employee to know and comply with. 

Motivated people

We constantly invest in developing both the competence of our personnel and a fair leadership culture. Through biannual performance and development appraisals, we ensure that each person’s goals are clear and aligned with our strategy, and that they have a clear personal development plan. 

Metsä Board is an international and continuously developing company, and we offer diverse opportunities for job rotation, personal competence development and career advancement.

We encourage our staff to acquire new skills through on-the-job learning, training and job rotation. Metsä Board also has a remuneration system in place that supports the implementation of our strategy and motivates our personnel to achieve the goals set. Our personnel survey and the Ethics barometer, which are carried out in alternate years, are also important tools for the continuous improvement of working conditions.

Our goal is to identify work-related risks at an early stage. We support the well-being of our employees at different stages of their lives and enable a long career by offering various solutions such as job rotation. Whenever a job function allows it we offer flexible working hours and remote working. We also promote employee well-being by supporting sports and cultural activities.

We ensure sufficient availability of expertise in the future through training, development programmes and succession planning. We also recruit new experts through apprenticeship training, the content of which is tailored to the skills needed.