Lighter packaging is better for the environment.

Lightweight paperboard means a smaller carbon footprint

Lightweight paperboards use less raw materials, water and energy, which helps to minimise the carbon footprint and environmental impact of packaging. Lightweight materials also mean there is less waste to recycle at the end of the packaging value chain.

More cartons with the same weight

Lightweight boards offer the same properties – like strength, stiffness and performance – as conventional heavier grades in lower basis weights. In practice, this means more cartons with the same weight.

Fresh fibres – the start and the enabler of the circular economy

Both fresh and recycled fibres are needed to keep the recycling loop going. Paperboard is highly recycled but part of the fibre is lost or contaminated during the cycle. Fresh fibres are strong and can be recycled several times. They are a good example of a renewable resource that can be recycled and reused time and time again.

Even a small reduction in weight can help save resources corresponding millions of packages a day.