Folding boxboard

Lightweight folding boxboards are resource efficient in many ways: they consume less raw materials, reduce transport weight and produce less waste. They also protect products and keep them safe and are an excellent medium for product promotion.

What are folding boxboards used for?

Metsä Board’s folding boxboards are used to package a wide variety of consumer products including food, cosmetics and medicines. They are also used in graphical applications, such as cards, books and magazine covers. You can learn more about these different end uses on the pages linked on the right.

Light but strong

Thanks to its three-layer structure our folding boxboard is light but stiff. The outer layers are made from chemical pulp and the middle layer is made from bleached chemi-thermomechanical pulp (BCTMP). Both the top and bottom layers can be coated.

Excellent strength and printability with less weight

Our BCTMP sets a new benchmark in paperboard lightweighting, enabling excellent strength and printability with less weight.

Our tailored, resource-efficient pulps use less wood raw material and water to produce the same amount of board compared to most other pulps.

Want to know more about our sustainable folding boxboards?

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