Sustainability governance

Sustainability is an essential part of our strategy and a core part of our long-term business and investment plans, risk assessments and annual action plans.

At Metsä Board, the progress of sustainability-related matters is monitored and supported by the company’s Board of Directors, CEO and Corporate Management Team. Sustainability is incorporated in the strategy approved by the Board and in the company’s long-term business and investment plans, risk assessments and annual action plans. The Board analyses and approves the sustainability targets presented by the CEO and monitors the achievement of these targets on an annual basis.

The targets are based on Metsä Group’s strategic sustainability objectives and a comprehensive corporate responsibility materiality analysis completed by Metsä Group in 2018. 

The CEO is responsible for implementing the measures needed to achieve the sustainability targets in accordance with the instructions given by the Board of Directors. The CEO reports to the Board on the most crucial sustainability topics in several Board meetings each year. Important topics include progress on set targets as well as planned measures and investments to help achieve these targets, among others. The results of the company’s risk assessments, including risks related to climate change, are presented to the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee twice a year.

The Corporate Management Team prepares sustainability-related matters issues before they are presented to the Board by the CEO. Of the members of the Corporate Management Team, the Senior Vice President, Development is responsible for research, product and business development, and sustainability. The SVP, Development is a member of Metsä Group’s Sustainability Process Management Team and reports quarterly to the team on the results of sustainability measures. The CFO chairs Metsä Board’s risk committee, which deals with sustainability-related risks as part of the company’s general risk assessment.

Sustainability is part of the daily work of the entire organisation. All Metsä Board employees have an ESG target included in their personal performance bonus targets.

Metsä Board’s Product Safety and Sustainability Director reports on the progress of sustainability targets and on sustainability-related development needs to the SVP, Development and presents topical sustainability matters to the entire Corporate Management Team on a regular basis. The Product Safety and Sustainability Director leads a team that works in close cooperation with production, wood supply, sourcing and logistics, HR, marketing and sales, communications, investor relations and legal services. Wood supply, sourcing and legal operations are centralised in Metsä Group.

ESG = Environmental, social and governance