Ultralight pizza box

This pizza box is far from ordinary. It is up to 38% lighter and its carbon footprint up to 50% lower compared to traditional solutions made of recycled fibre, making it a great option for clients looking for more sustainable options.

The packaging was created with the best professionals in the industry. The visual outlook of the pizza box was designed by Futupack, the packaging was manufactured by Adara Pakkaus and Marvaco supplied the flexo printing plates. In addition, researcher and an expert on ECG Expanded Gamut printing, Dr Kai Lankinen, provided valuable consultation on the graphic design, prepress, and flexographic printing requirements.

The carbon footprint evaluation of the packaging was conducted by our Sustainability Service team, which made a detailed analysis of the packaging’s environmental impact and compared it to existing pizza box solutions.

The packaging was awarded in the 2023 ScanStar packaging competition.

What sets this project apart is the focus on the entire cycle of the product, beyond just the liner board material, with a special emphasis on printing quality, efficiency, and sustainability.

Dr. Kai Lankinen

  • 38%


  • 50%

    lower carbon footprint

Ultralight pizza box

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