Investing in sustainable and profitable growth

Our strategy is to grow in fibre based packaging materials and renew our industrial operations. We implement this with sustainable investments. Below are listed our major ongoing and recently completed investments (*) as well as planned investments (**) .
  1. *

    Folding boxboard capacity expansion in Husum mill, Sweden

    At the Husum integrated mill, we increased the annual production capacity of folding boxboard with 200,000 tonnes. The investment was completed in the fourth quarter of 2023.


    Investment decision  New capacity  Start-up Investment value Investment period 
    Q2 2021 200,000 tonnes folding boxboard Q4 2023 EUR 230 million 2021-2024

    Dates and figures are estimates and may change during the investment period

    Investment in brief

    Following the investment, the annual capacity of folding boxboard of paperboard machine BM1 in Husum is 600,000 tonnes per year. Start-up for additional capacity was in Q4 2023, and full capacity is expected to be reached by the end of 2025. 

    The investment will increase Metsä Board’s annual sales by approximately EUR 200 million. In addition, it is expected to have a positive impact of approximately EUR 50 million on the company’s annual comparable EBITDA. Sales growth and improved result is expected to be reached in full in 2026. 

    Due to the growing logistics volumes of the Husum integrated mill, the port concept will also be renewed. The value of the investments, still partly being planned, is EUR 20–30 million. 


  2. *

    Development programme of the Kemi paperboard mill

    The development programme for the Kemi paperboard mill includes capacity expansion of white kraftliner, a purchase of a unbleached pulp production line and improved energy and water efficiency of the mill. The investment was completed in Q3 2023.


    Investment decision  New capacity  Start-up Investment value Investment period 
    Q1 2021 40,000 white-top kraftliner, mainly coated Q3 2023 EUR 110 million


    Investment in brief

    The programme increased the mill's annual white kraftliner capacity from 425,000 tonnes to 465,000 tonnes. This will strengthen Metsä Board's global leading position as coated white kraftliner producer.  As part of the programme, the Company will buy a modernised production line for unbleached pulp, an annual capacity of 180,000 tonnes, from Metsä Fibre. The development programme will reduce Kemi mill's water use by 40% and energy use by 5% per tonne of paperboard produced.

    Start-up for additional kraftliner capacity was in Q3 2023 and capacity is expected to be fully in the market in 2025.

  3. **

    Husum pulp mill renewal, Phase 2

    In the second phase of the renewal, during 2020s, the mill’s fibre line will be renewed. Final investment decision has not yet been made.

  4. **

    A pre-engineering for new folding boxboard mill in Kaskinen, Finland

    Metsä Board has started pre-engineering for a new folding boxboard mill with an annual capacity of approximately 800,000 tonnes at the Kaskinen mill site in Finland. The pre-engineering phase will include technical design, design of infrastructure and logistics solutions and tendering for the main equipment. EIA procedure was completed in September, but environmental permit process is still ongoing. The possible investment decision can be made in 2024 at the earliest. 

    The mill will be based on fossil-free production and significantly lower consumption of wood, energy and water per tonne of folding boxboard produced, compared to existing production facilities. The aim is to achieve world-class resource efficiency and a product that enables a lower carbon footprint.

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