Because our fresh fibre paperboards are naturally pure and clean, they are ideal for packaging healthcare products. Our portfolio includes products with a natural surface and coated products with high brightness and high smoothness.

Excellent surface for both prescription and OTC packaging

High brightness and shade consistency of our light weight paperboards give uniform printing results on prescription packaging. All our products have a surface designed for 2D matrix coding with a certification, as well as braille and anti-counterfeiting features.

For over-the-counter packaging, our paperboards offer excellent printability and an ideal surface for visual enhancements like hot foil stamping, embossing and ​other special effects. Their high brightness and shade consistency enhance brand image and help the packaging stand out on crowded store shelves.

Safe and sustainable

In our paperboards we only use pulp made of naturally pure fresh fibres produced at Metsä Group mills. Our pulp contains only safe chemicals and additives that comply with all applicable regulations. Our light weight paperboards help reduce carbon footprint, in addition they are easy to recycle supporting circular economy.

Efficient converting

Thanks to high consistency, our light weight paperboards run smoothly on converting and packing lines. In addition, excellent sheet cutting quality enables dust-free printing.

Our paperboards are ideal for healthcare applications like:

  • Prescription and over-the-counter medicines
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Herbal medicines and natural health products
  • Hygiene and bodycare products