Board of Directors

Metsä Board Corporation's Board of Directors currently has nine ordinary members. The Board supervises the operations and management of Metsä Board Corporation and decides on significant matters relating to strategy, investments, organisational structure and financing. 

  • Ilkka Hämälä

    Ilkka Hämälä

  • Jussi Linnaranta

    Jussi Linnaranta

  • Leena Craelius

    Leena Craelius

  • Raija-Leena Hankonen-Nybom

    Raija-Leena Hankonen-Nybom

  • Erja Hyrsky

    Erja Hyrsky

  • Mari Kiviniemi

    Mari Kiviniemi

  • Jukka Moisio

    Jukka Moisio

  • Mikko Mäkimattila

    Mikko Mäkimattila

  • Juha Vanhainen

    Juha Vanhainen

Corporate Management Team

The Corporate Management Team's responsibilities include investment planning, preparing the company’s strategic guidelines, allocating resources, controlling routine functions, and preparing matters to be reviewed by the Board. For more information about the management team’s work see Corporate Governance.

  • Mika Joukio

    Mika Joukio

  • Henri Sederholm
    Chief Financial Officer

    Henri Sederholm

  • Markku Leskelä
    Senior Vice President, Development

    Markku Leskelä

  • Jussi Noponen
    Senior Vice President, Sales and Supply Chain

    Jussi Noponen

  • Harri Pihlajaniemi
    Senior Vice President, Production and Technology

    Harri Pihlajaniemi

  • Camilla Wikström
    Senior Vice President, Human Resources

    Camilla Wikström