IR principles

The aim of Metsä Board's Investor relations is to promote the realisation of the company's strategy and targets and to build and maintain the company's reputation among its key stakeholders. The company's IR principles define the role, main channels and responsibilities of investor relations and investor communications.

Metsä Board's investor relations function is to ensure that the market has correct and sufficient information to value the company's listed securities. Corporate communications is governed by Finnish laws and the rules and regulations issued thereunder. Metsä Board also complies with the rules and recommendations of Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. as applicable to listed companies.

Metsä Board shall publish without undue delay decisions and events concerning the company and its operations that are likely to have a material effect on the company's listed securities. All investors shall be treated equally and have access to the same material information.

Metsä Board's main channel for investor information is its own website, which is equally accessible to all stakeholders. The investor section contains information on the company's financial development, operating environment, ownership and governance. All stock exchange and press releases as well as interim reports published by the company are available on the website for at least ten years after publication. Metsä Board also uses social media in its investor communications.

Metsä Board's Investor Relations function is responsible for the practical implementation of investor relations, through which all investor requests are handled centrally. Investor and analyst meetings are mainly attended by the Vice President, IR; the CFO and/or the CEO.