Get to know 360 Services

With Metsä Board as your partner, you get the market-leading paperboard – and all of our long and wide expertise. Metsä Board 360 Services help you perfect your packaging in many ways, from easy recyclability to brand impact, production efficiency, reducing your environmental impact, and beyond.

Our premium lightweight paperboard is the natural starting point. It is a material we know inside out. That is the core of our solution, but we go well beyond paperboard so that you can meet your packaging development goals.

Covering the whole packaging value chain, the 360 Services can make a measurable difference for your business by enabling you to, for example

  • maximise product performance, increase converting efficiency and minimise costs by matching the right materials to your needs
  • improve the functionality, recyclability and brand impact of your packaging
  • reach your sustainability targets by reducing the environmental impact of your packaging
  • improve the performance of your supply chain

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