Our progress in 2023

Our successes included achieving the 2030 target set for certified wood fiber ahead of schedule, wide implementation of anonymous recruitment and promotion of sustainability in our supply chain.

Our fossil carbon dioxide emissions clearly decreased in 2023 because the market situation and investment shutdowns curtailed production. Lower production also weakened the energy and water efficiency of our production sites. However, we continued to further develop our operations towards fossil free, resource-efficient production. In our wood procurement, we adopted the principles of regenerative forestry.

The occupational accident rate progressed towards the zero accident target. However, there were also severe accidents among the accidents, and we continue proactive safety work.

A joint sustainability target has been agreed with Metsä Group's nine partner suppliers, and thereby our 2030 target has been achieved. Cooperation with the suppliers continues to achieve these set joint targets.

Read more about our 2030 targets in our Sustainability Statement


1. Safeguarding biodiversity and the ecological sustainability of forest use
MG: Retention trees on regeneration felling sites, % 100 96
MG: High biodiversity stumps on harvesting sites, % 100 92
MG: Spruce as the only tree species after young stand management, % 0 25
MG: Measures promoting biodiversity, number 10,000 816
2. Mitigating climate change and reducing emissions
Improvement in energy efficiency from the 2018 level, % +10 -5.8
Fossil-based carbon dioxide emissions (Scope 1 and Scope 2 market-based), t 184,713
Share of target group suppliers with targets set in accordance with the SBTi by 2024 (Scope 3), % 70 19
Fossil free raw materials and packaging materials, share of dry tonnes, % 100 98.8
MG: Amount of forest regeneration and young stand management from the 2018 level, % +30 +14
MG: Amount of forest fertilisation from the 2018 level, % +50 -26
MG: Share of continuous cover forestry in peatland forest regeneration, % 30 17
MG:  Amount of carbon stored in wood products from the 2018 level, % +30 -21
3. Resource efficiency and sustainable production
Reduction in process water use per produced tonne from the 2018 level, % -35 +2.0
Process waste delivered to landfills, t 0 1,164
(MG) Target is at Metsä Group level


4. Respecting everyone and doing the right thing
Anonymous recruitment for vacancies open to all, % 100 72
Women in management positions, % >30 21
5. Promoting safety and wellbeing at work
Total recordable incident frequency, own employees (TRIF) 0 6.1
Employee job satisfaction AAA A+


6. Innovation and open-minded cooperation and 7. The significance of forest-based bioeconomy to society
Implementation of ethics barometer measures, % 100 100
Traceability of raw materials, share of total purchases, % 100 97
Share of certified wood fibre, % >90 91
Suppliers’ commitment to the Supplier Code of Conduct, share of total purchases, % 100 99.0
Supplier assessments and audits of core suppliers, % 100 68
MG: Joint sustainability targets with partner suppliers, % 100 100
(MG) Target is at Metsä Group level