MetsäBoard Pro FBB OBAfree

Folding boxboards
MetsäBoard Pro FBB OBAfree

MetsäBoard Pro FBB OBAfree − Without optical brighteners complying worldwide to food safety requirements

MetsäBoard Pro FBB OBAfree is a fully coated OBA-free folding boxboard. It has naturally high brightness without optical brighteners and it is approved for direct food contact globally. MetsäBoard Pro FBB OBAfree comes with excellent printability and lightweighting opportunities.

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Product specifications

Product features

Product name MetsäBoard Pro FBB OBAfree
Product description Fully coated folding boxboard, hard sized, OBA free


Product type Folding boxboards
End use Foods, Beverages, Healthcare, Frozen food, Chilled food, Plates, Trays, Folded trays, Fast food applications, Food service, General packaging
Printing method Flexo, Offset, Digital
Food contact EU Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004, GB4806.8, GB9685, USFDA21CFR§176.170*, USFDA21CFR§176.180*
*Please contact Metsä Board for details of grammage and / or country-specific, restrictions and limitations.