I have participated in a lot of permit-related reports and processes with the authorities during my long career at Metsä. It’s great to be able to share my expertise in this major Metsä Board project, too,” says Nickull.

"Our operations have various kinds of environmental effects, and it is important that we are able to identify and assess them as comprehensively as possible at this stage. The operations will have an impact on water, air and environmental noise, among other things. The impact of operations during construction, such as those related to transport, logistics and excavation will also be assessed,” says Nickull.


At the new Kaskinen mill, our goal is to be a forerunner in resource efficiency, which means using our raw materials, water and energy as efficiently as possible. We can do this by making use of the best and most modern technologies in the market. The pre-engineering seeks to find ways to minimise the impact on environment.

The EIA process is an active dialogue with the regional and municipal authorities, various experts and citizens. The environmental impact assessment is a big part of the pre-engineering process,” concludes Nickull.