Welcome to Metsä Board

It is our pleasure to introduce you to the Metsä Board brand and your White Kraftliner sales and customer service team in Americas!

Get to know Metsä Board

Metsä Board is a leading European producer of premium fresh fiber paperboards and forerunner in sustainability.

  • We are the leading European producer of white kraftliners and folding boxboards.

  • As part of Metsä Group, we have 100,000 forest owners as our owner base which secures our supply of strong and pure Nordic fresh wood fiber.

  • Own tailor-made pulps with properties optimized for targeted end-uses.

  • Paperboards are made of 100% traceable wood sourced from sustainably managed Northern European forests, where the annual growth exceeds harvesting. For one tree harvested, four new ones are planted.

  • Clear action plan to achieve our target of 100% fossil-free mills and products by 2030.
#1 In Coated White Kraftliners in the Americas and Globally

Meet our sales team

  • Robert Vaenerberg
    Sales Director - Americas

    Robert Vaenerberg

  • Joe DePalma
    Sales Manager - East Coast

    Joe DePalma

  • Liette Gagne
    Sales Manager - Canada

    Liette Gagne

  • Joe Nellis
    Sales Manager - Midwest

    Joe Nellis

  • Greg Baker
    Sales Manager - West Coast

    Greg Baker

Meet our support team

  • Steve Rote
    Technical Services Director

    Steve Rote

  • Ryan Abrito
    Supply Chain Team Leader

    Ryan Abrito

  • Penny Parker
    Supply Chain Coordinator

    Penny Parker

  • Wayne Cooke
    Supply Chain Coordinator

    Wayne Cooke

  • Brenda Meija
    Common Stock Planner

    Brenda Meija

  • Lena Riley
    Supply Chain Coordinator

    Lena Riley

  • Catalina Quintero
    Supply Chain Coordinator

    Catalina Quintero

  • Nathan Pajka
    Sustainability Specialist

    Nathan Pajka

  • Kristen Clark
    Communications Manager

    Kristen Clark


White Kraftliners for high quality corrugated packaging

Metsä Board's white kraftliners offer various design and structure options for retail ready, sales-enhancing packaging that performs equally well during transportation and at point of sale. With the right liner choice and our know-how, you can meet the most demanding packaging needs quickly, cost-efficiently and responsibly.

All our white kraftliners are made from fresh fibers and suitable for packaging food and other sensitive products.

Our paperboards are available with PEFC™/02-31-92 or FSC®-C001580 certification – in America, the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) on-product label which recognises global PEFC™ certifications.

Metsä Board's White Kraftliners range

Modern mills dedicated to excellence

Metsä Board Kemi in Finland and Metsä Board Husum in Sweden are highly efficient board and pulp mills with total white kraftliner production capacity of almost 700,000 tonnes. The integration of the mills enables high quality and cost-efficiency. Major investment plans for the Kemi and Husum pulp mills are geared towards totally fossil-free operations and high self-sufficiency in electricity. The investments will ensure a sustainable platform for the continuous development of our white kraftliner production, making us a strong partner for our customers also in the future.

Excellence Centre boosts the development of new paperboard and packaging solutions

Our new Excellence Centre in a world-unique bioeconomy ecosystem in Äänekoski provides a perfect setting to explore the exciting future potential of premium packaging materials based on renewable fresh fiber. The center combines cutting-edge technology for R&D, packaging design and paperboard and packaging performance under one roof and provides an inspirational collaboration platform for our customers and partners worldwide.

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