Safety induction

Welcome to Metsä Group's safety induction! Please read the safety instructions below carefully.

Note: Site specific instructions are available at Zeroni (previously Site Manager), go through the material before entering the site.

Read the safety instructions below carefully. Then you can start the safety induction.

Safety is an essential part of our business operations and culture. We engage in the continuous development of a safe and accident-free working environment to avoid hazardous situations and accidents. A safe working environment is absolutely necessary for the sustainability and efficiency of our operations. We are proactive rather than reactive. Our key focal point is proactive safety work, which is the most effective way to prevent accidents and hazardous situations.

Our safety principles guide our daily decisions and activities. They apply to our own personnel, partners and stakeholders. By complying with them, we ensure that our work is conducted safely. The safety principles accord with Metsä Group's Code of Conduct and Safety Policy.

A valid occupational safety card is mandatory when working at Metsä Group's mills in Finland. Mills in Sweden require an SSG Access card.

Before they start work at a Metsä Group site, our suppliers go through a general safety induction and a job-specific safety induction, and must obtain the required work permits. Contractors are obligated to assess the risks of their own range of work and to prepare a safety plan for them. These plans must be delivered to the relevant mill before starting work. We assist the contractors in the risk assessment and in the preparation for those risks.

The use of drugs or alcohol is prohibited at Metsä Group mills and therefore at all our workplaces. Smoking is also prohibited at some Metsä Group mills.

General safety induction

Completing the general safety induction is mandatory for all Metsä Group employees and all contractors working at the company’s mills. The drivers of heavy vehicles must complete their own training. Visitors are inducted at our mills.

The general safety induction is valid for two years. It can be completed in any of eight languages: Finnish, Swedish, English, Estonian, German, Polish, Russian or Slovak. The online course allows users to first select the country in which they are completing the course, after which they select the preferred language and sign in. 

Safety induction for heavy traffic

All drivers of heavy vehicles must complete their own safety induction. The induction is valid for two years. The induction provides information on the correct operating methods in driving duties at our mills. The course can be completed in any of six languages: Finnish, Swedish, English, Estonian, Polish or Russian

Metsä Forest contractors and drivers: log in to the supplier network and select e-learning online courses. 

Other transport entrepreneurs and drivers: Safety training for heavy vehicles. The sign-in does not require a tax number.

Annual maintenance shutdown induction (Metsä Group Finnish mills)

Everyone participating in Metsä Group Finnish mills´ annual maintenance shutdown must complete a Safety in annual maintenance shutdown induction. This induction is valid for a calendar year. It can be completed in any of eight languages: Finnish, Swedish, English, Estonian, German, Polish, Russian or Slovak. 

All Metsä Group safety courses are available in the same portal, which you can access through this link