MetsäBoard Pro FBB CX

Folding boxboards
MetsäBoard Pro FBB CX

MetsäBoard Pro FBB CX − A fully coated paperboard which is suitable for gravure, offset and flexo printing

MetsäBoard Pro FBB CX is a high stiffness cigarette packaging grade designed for premium cigarette brands. Its bright top side coating provides a base for achieving excellent printing results, and its high stiffness ensures faultless runnability at high conversion and packing speeds. The lightweight construction of MetsäBoard Pro FBB CX allows lower basis weights to be used without compromising strength and performance.

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Product specifications

Product features

Product name MetsäBoard Pro FBB CX
Product description Fully coated paperboard, top coating contains OBA

Tako, Äänekoski, Kyro

Product type Folding boxboards
End use Cigarettes
Printing method Gravure, Offset, Flexo