Launched in 2018, Metsä Board Online provides a vital channel for information exchange and communication between Metsä Board and its customers all over the world. Customers can log in to review information on orders, stocks and delivery schedules as well as review invoices and log claims. Information security is maintained by being able to clearly define access rights according to the needs of each individual customer user.

Round-the-clock information and support

"The service is designed to enhance the support provided by our customer service experts by enabling customers to access the information they need 24/7. Instead of being restricted by office hours, they can log in to check on the status of an invoice, download product data sheets and certification information, make call-off orders and much more. Everything they need is in one place," explains Svetlana Drozdova, Customer Service Director, Russia and CIS, Metsä Board.

The tool has been developed in close collaboration with Metsä Board customers and has proved to be extremely popular. "The tool saves a lot of paperwork and time for our customers, and we make things as transparent as possible – they always know the status of their orders, invoices and supply chain, which improves the operational efficiency of their business," Svetlana continues.

"Furthermore, if they have issues to discuss or claims to make, they can attach all the relevant documents and photographs to a message and send it directly to us. Nothing gets lost, their message always reaches the right person, and we can respond to their requests quickly."

Metsä Board is continuously developing the tool to better serve the needs of customers and next year will make Metsä Board Online available in a variety of different languages, including Russian.

Saving time and improving transparency for IP Consult

One of the first users of Metsä Board Online was IP Consult, the logistics wing of Promis, a dynamic packaging solutions provider serving leading international players in the health and personal care and pharmaceutical industries. The tool adds an extra layer of flexibility to their supply chain operations and enables them to accurately plan orders, shipments and deliveries, and stay up to date with stock replenishment in real time. "IP Consult is one of the most active users of the tool and has been a valuable partner in helping us to develop new functionalities and features that will benefit other Metsä Board Online users too," Svetlana concludes.

Alexey Ushakov, Director, IP Consult: "As a leader in the paperboard industry, Metsä Board has helped us enhance our digital capabilities. Metsä Board Online is a convenient platform that speeds up communication and improves cooperation between our managers and Metsä Board's customer service teams. We have had a very positive experience with the tool so far and look forward to continuing to develop it together in the future."