Metsä Board is carrying out pre-engineering for the construction of a new paperboard mill in Kaskinen. The company is therefore currently exploring opportunities for cooperation with educational institutions.

"At the event, we heard what each educational institution had to offer. Everyone had a delightfully solution-oriented approach, and the representatives of the educational institutions present were clearly well prepared and recognised our needs," says Project Director Veli-Pekka Kyllönen who is responsible for the collaboration with the educational institutions.

The seminar day looked at solutions for recruiting and coaching Metsä Board's paperboard mill personnel. Participating vocational schools and universities of applied sciences presented their approaches and experiences of similar projects.

"It is also something new for the educational institutions, as the Kaskinen region has never had the potential for such a large labour demand before. It was great to see that they can work with us as a network," says Kyllönen.

"Our target is to create ways of cooperation and maintain an ongoing dialogue. This kind of collaboration cannot be done on a one-off basis, but the event was the start of a longer-term cooperation between the educational institutions and Metsä Board's Kaskinen mill project. Of course, the project also needs experienced professionals, such as those who already have work experience and could potentially be converted into apprentices," says Kyllönen.

The actual recruitment will start in 2024 at the earliest, following a possible investment decision.