​Metsä Board's new video available on the Metsä Group YouTube channel follows this fascinating journey and demonstrates how – with the help of renewable fresh fibre packaging solutions, recycling and responsible forest management – we can support the cycle of nature. 

When we choose renewable, recyclable materials like paperboard and treat them properly, we can use them over and over again – creating materials for all kinds of end uses and eventually using them as fuel for energy production.

And when we manage our forests responsibly, we can capture more and more carbon from the atmosphere and ensure a constant supply of renewable and strong fresh wood fibres for the circular economy while respecting nature and helping to preserve biodiversity.

Without responsible forest management there would be no fresh fibres and we would soon run out of material to recycle. And without the humble carbon atom we would have no story to tell.

Packaging that is made of renewable and recyclable materials is vital if we are going to stem the flow of waste to our seas and landfills. Watch the video to learn how it can help to make the world a better place – and help the carbon atom to continue its never-ending circular journey. 

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