Reducing logistics emissions

Negative impacts of logistics are mitigated with careful route planning, minimising transported distances and developing more efficient operations and guidelines. Products are transported in the largest quantities possible. This reduces cost and emissions.

Metsä Group’s products are transported to about 120 countries by road, rail and sea. This requires an extensive logistics network. We partner with approximately 1,000 logistics service providers which makes us a significant indirect employer.

Wood is the main transported raw material and in addition we transport raw materials such as chemicals, binders and pigments to our mills and finished goods such as pulp, wood products, sawn timber, paperboards and tissue papers to our customers.

For example when planning the concept for mill-to-port transportation in the Kemibioproduct mill and Rauma sawmill, we have paid specific attention to environmental impacts of the selected transportation mode. The finished goods from these mills will be transported to ports with vehicles using fossil free fuels, and maximising the transportth vehicles using fossil free fuels, and maximising the transport unit sizes.