Megatrends and business environment

The global megatrends support growth in our business areas.

Our business environment

The forests of our owner-members provide a solid foundation for developing profitable and responsible business.​

Industrial efficiency and a strong market position ensure Metsä Group’s competitiveness in the changing world.​

Regulation and market conditions reduce the availability of fibre and logistics and increase costs. The political environment causes instability for international trade.​

Megatrends support our growth

Population growth, urbanisation, climate change, loss of biodiversity, and digitalisation are the strongest megatrends of the 2020s. Their impact can also be seen in Metsä Group’s strategy and day-to-day operations.

Megatrends climate changeClimate change

Climate change concerns us all, and our future must be based on the resource-efficient use of sustainably produced renewable natural resources. Wood-based products play an important role in creating a low-carbon economy and mitigating climate change.

Megatrends urbanisationUrbanisation

More than half the world’s population live in urban areas. Urbanised, networked, wealthier and aging demographics prefer to consume more sustainable products that have been produced without fossil-based materials. The amount of construction is increasing, particularly in the metropolitan areas. Wood, as a carbon-storing material, is a low-emission construction material that allows us to meet the increasing demand for construction.

Megatrends population growthPopulation growth

Population growth and rising living standards increase consumption. Many wood-based everyday products such as paper, hygiene products and packing materials will face increased demand as the economy grows.

Megatrends biodiversity lossBiodiversity loss

The loss of biodiversity must be prevented, because biodiversity is a prerequisite for life. We make sure that the wood we use comes from responsibly managed forests that grow more than they are used. It is important to us to safeguard biodiversity, which also makes nature more resilient to climate change.

Megatrends digitalisationDigitalisation

The strongest trend in technology is digitalisation, which causes changes in consumer behaviour, customer experiences and industry. Digitalisation produces a great deal of data for industries, which we as companies can use in production, maintenance and customer work.