Representative council

The Representative Council exercises the supreme decision-making power belonging to the members of Metsäliitto Cooperative in the matters specified by law and regulations. The Representative Council substitutes the meeting of the cooperative in Metsäliitto Cooperative. The meeting of the Representative Council processes the matters specified in the Cooperatives Act and the rules of the cooperative, and other matters mentioned in the invitation to the meeting.

The main tasks of the Representative Council are to:

  • decide on adopting the financial statements,
  • decide on the distribution of profit to the members,
  • decide on discharging the Supervisory Board, Board or Directors and CEO/President and CEO from liability,
  • elect the members of the Supervisory Board and the auditors and to decide on their fees.

A full member of Metsäliitto Cooperative may be elected to the Representative Council. Persons who are employed by Metsäliitto Cooperative or a Group company and who are members of the Metsäliitto Cooperative Supervisory Board or Board of Directors are not eligible to stand for election to the Representative Council.

The election of the Representative Council is carried out every fourth year by postal vote or a vote over a communications link or with some other technical device. Each member has one vote. The election is carried out by election districts such that as many representatives are selected from each district as the list of voters for the district in question includes Metsäliitto Cooperative members entitled to vote on 1 January of the election year, divided by 2,300 or part thereof. The election districts are confirmed by the Supervisory Board, and they are essentially determined in accordance with Metsäliitto Cooperative's district organisations.

Representative council's decision-making

​In accordance with the rules, the Representative Council convenes once a year in the spring. The Representative Council, Supervisory Board or the Board Directors may decide to call an extraordinary meeting. An extraordinary meeting shall also be arranged if demanded by at least one tenth of the Representative Council members. Unless otherwise required by the Cooperatives Act for certain matters, the Representative Council is convened by the Supervisory Board no later than 7 days before the meeting with a written invitation to the meeting sent to every member of the Representative Council, which must include the matters to be discussed in the meeting.

Each member of the Representative Council has one vote in the meeting. Amending Metsäliitto Cooperative's rules requires the amendment proposal to be supported by a minimum of two thirds of the members participating in the meeting. In addition to the members of the Representative Council, the President and CEO of the Metsä Group, the Chair of the Board of Directors and, as a general rule, the members of the Board of Directors and Supervisory Board are present at meetings of the Representative Council. In addition to these, the auditors are also present at the annual meeting.

Members of Representative Council

The Representative Council of Metsäliitto Cooperative consists of the following 52 members in the four-year term 1.7.2019–30.6.2023:

Aikio Kaarlo, Forestry Engineer, Kuusamo
Airio Pertti, Brikadier General, Helsinki
Anttila Juha, Farmer, Mänttä-Vilppula
Björknäs Roger, Farmer, Kristiinankaupunki
Finne Christer, Farmer, Mustasaari
Halkilahti Jaakko, Farmer, Salo
Hall Hans, Farming Entrepreneur, Leppävirta
Havanka Pentti, Logger, Smallholder Farmer, Ruovesi
Isomuotia Harri, Forester, Hämeenkyrö
Kallio Maarit, Agrologist, Farmer, Sastamala
Korpela Liisa, Forester, Rural Entrepreneur Kärkölä
Koskinen Jaakko, Farming Entrepreneur, Hamina
Könönen Katri , Bachelor of Natural Resources, Farmer, Tohmajärvi
Körhämö Jani, Forester, Game manager, Pälkäne
Laitinen Markku, Farming and Forestry Entrepreneur, Kangasniemi
Laukkanen Mika, Farming and Forestry Entrepreneur, Tuusniemi
Leikola Mikko, Farmer, Lohja
Lyömiö Matti, Agrologist, Mäntyharju
Mikkonen Eeva, Forestry Engineer, Salesperson, Rääkkylä
Moilanen Heli, Public Health Nurse, Paltamo
Morri Tiina, Forestry Entrepreneur, Virrat
Nyman Jan-Ove, Agronomist, Kokkola
Orjala Jari, Farming Entrepreneur, Full-time Teacher, Kannus
Palohuhta Reijo, Forestry Entrepreneur, Evijärvi
Perttu Antti-Jussi, Bachelor of NatRes, Farming Entrepreneur, Eura
Pietilä Juho, Farming Entrepreneur, Loimaa
Pietilä Timo, Forestry Engineer, Pensioner, Liminka
Purhonen Petri, Farmer, Enonkoski
Pylkkänen Ari, Forestry Engineer, Rantasalmi
Pätilä Antti, Forester, Ruokolahti
Raininko Tuomo, Farming and Forestry Entrepreneur, Kankaanpää
Ryymin Jaakko, Forest Owner, Iisalmi
Saari Ensio, Forestry Engineer, Isokyrö
Saatsi Esko, Rural Director, Nurmes
Saviniemi Timo, Farming and Forestry Entrepreneur, Hämeenlinna
Savola Mikko Member of Parliament, Forestry Entrepreneur, Ähtäri
Soronen Mauno, Vicar, Haapavesi
Stenman-Kässi Liisa, Agrologist, Uurainen
Säynätjoki Ilkka, Farmer, Kuhmoinen
Tapaninen Teuvo, Pensioner, Sodankylä
Tiusanen Matti, Farming and Forestry Entrepreneur, Äänekoski
Torppa Pekka, Farmer, Toivakka
Tyskas Kim, Farmer, Salesperson, Lapinjärvi
Törmikoski Jari, Farmer, Raahe
Uotila Kirsi, Forestry Entrepreneur, Helsinki
Vuorela Jorma, Farmer, Kurikka
Wendelin Matti, Entrepreneur, Kaarina
Yli-Antola Kimmo, Farming and Forestry Entrepreneur, Laitila
Yli-Korhonen Jarmo, Farmer, Kauhajoki
Ylimartimo Aatto, Farmer, Tervola
Ylä-Outinen Päivi, Farmer, Lappeenranta