Metsä Group’s remuneration principles

Metsä Group's remuneration is based on the following main principles which are applicable to all statutory governing bodies of Group companies as well as those employed by Metsä Group:

Ensuring sustainable and responsible business operations

Our remuneration supports the achievement of Metsä Group's vision, strategic and operational goals as well as the goals of sustainable development. We encourage activities in line with our values and Metsä Group's interests – responsible profitability, reliability, renewal and cooperation.

Ensuring performance and profitable growth

With remuneration, we encourage excellent performance and results in both the short and long term. We remunerate our people for achieving and exceeding targets and for profitable growth and the increase of shareholder and stakeholder value.

Supporting competence development and renewal

With remuneration we support competence development and the commitment of talent. We encourage continuous improvement, renewal and the creation of conditions needed for future success. In addition to monetary remuneration, we develop personnel's competencies and offer opportunities for career development. Our leadership is of a high quality and we encourage the personnel's participation.

Consistency, competitiveness and transparency

The remuneration is fair and based on clear principles and structures. We offer competitive overall remuneration. We communicate and report on remuneration transparently and according to requirements.