Manufactured with industrial efficiency

Our focus in wood products is on industrial-scale veneer products – that is, birch and spruce plywood and LVL.

Our own brand, Kerto® LVL, is well known in Finland and around the world: our most distant customers are in Australia and New Zealand. Our comprehensive product range, which includes various grades and laminates for a number of demanding applications is our speciality in plywood.

The most important applications of wood products include construction and the transport industry, both of which hold great future potential and are being boosted by urbanization and increasing e-commerce.

We manufacture high volumes of wood products based on decades of experience, and the products are now more topical than ever. Wood products are a solution to the environmental challenges faced by the building industry; they reduce the carbon footprint of production and transport and store carbon, keeping it out of the atmosphere. Our lightweight and strong wood products, which offer consistent quality, are excellently suited to the manufacture of prefabricated elements and hybrid construction using various construction materials.

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