Forerunner in forest service

Forest management and the sustainable use of forests are long-term activities, continuing from one generation to another. When managed responsibly, forests grow well, remain robust and act as carbon sinks.

Our parent company Metsäliitto is a cooperative owned by nearly 100,000 Finnish forest owners. Our comprehensive forest management services are at a forest owner’s disposal during all phases of their forest’s development. Our offering includes high-quality, Finnish seedlings for establishing a new forest, seedling stand management, harvesting and fertilising. We are experts both in continuous cover forestry and the growing of a forest with an even age structure.

We help forest owners maintain the value of their forest assets by managing forests economically and taking nature values into consideration. We continuously develop our forest management methods and our broad service offering, making use of various digital solutions. In 2021, digital services accounted for 58% of our forest service sales.