Metsä Group brand tool

Welcome to our brand tool. This tool will help you understand what the Metsä Group brand stands for, how it looks, feels and sounds. What makes Metsä Group unique and recognizable.


Our roots are in the Finnish forests and our strength in Finnish know-how. Most of the wood we use is acquired from forests owned and nurtured for generations by our nearly 100,000 Finnish owner members.

These forests form a formidable carbon sink. The trees, as well as the products refined from them, serve throughout their lifecycle as carbon storages. Forests play a significant role in both climate change matters as well as in the replacement of fossil based raw-materials.

Our people and our brand make us who we are, they take us forward.


Circular economy and its benefits are becoming more important in our rapidly changing world. Sharing information and cooperating with our partners play a central role. The reliability of our operations is key to our development and growth.

Our responsibility to future generations goes beyond serving the needs of modern society through this exceptional, regenerative resource. We must continually develop new, profitable ways to utilize northern wood. We must also possess the ability to regenerate and renew our operations in order to keep up to speed with the world around us.

All of us Metsä Group are united by these values, which keep us a step ahead. We want to ensure the wellbeing and growing value of Finnish forests in the future as well.

Brand promise

Our brand promise defines us and our strong relationship with our partners. Cooperation is at the core of our strategy.

We are constantly developing our business ecosystems that are beneficial for forests, their owners, our partners, our customers and the communities around us.

When done right, our businesses grow the well-being of the whole planet.

Our iconic Moosehead symbol is an example of how our legacy keeps up with the times. Its evolution from conception in 1986 has been almost imperceptible – yet critical to keeping our identity cutting edge.

Our Brand Attributes

To communicate our brand in a unified and impactful way, we need to align all our actions under three main attributes.


Clarity means crystallization and simplification. Say and show the essential. We remain clear and consistent in all communication.


Closeness means engaging. We are a service minded brand that values practical and functional thinking.

Cutting edge

Cutting edge means progress. We are constantly seeking new means to develop our operations and stay future focused in everything we do.


Just as with the forest, we grow our brand for the long term.

Metsä brand