Valuable bioproducts from production side streams

The production process of traditional bioproducts generates side streams, nearly 100% of which we utilise as raw material for other bioproducts.


Turpentine and tall oil are the most important biochemicals we produce. Turpentine is used in perfumes and as solvents, among other things. Tall oil is sold for further processing in the chemical industry, where it is used as a binding agent in products like detergents, paints and adhesives.


We produce biogas and biopellets at the biogas plant operating on the same premises as our Äänekoski bioproduct mill. Biogas can also be processed for use as vehicle fuel and utilised as a renewable energy source at production plants. Biopellets in turn replace fossil raw materials in heating and power plants.


Pulp production generates huge amounts of renewable energy - our four pulp and bioproduct mills in Finland produce a total of 15 percent of the country's renewable energy.

At other production facilities we use logging residue such as branches and crowns and sawmills' side streams sawdust and bark for energy production. In addition to our own production, we supply renewable energy in the form of district heat to local communities and as electricity to the grid.

Solid energy waste, ash and lime

Mechanical wood processing generates side streams in the form of bark and sawdust, which are also fully used. These side streams assigned to energy production are called solid energy waste.

Ash resulting from the production processes is used as a fertiliser, while lime finds new applications in soil improvement for fields and in the neutralisation of wastewater. We also sell energy waste to our partners for further processing.