Nature programme

In the autumn of 2021, Metsä Group launched a ten-year nature programme to finance regionally effective development projects that are carried out outside commercial Finnish forests and support biodiversity.

The projects may relate to bird waters and wetlands, watercourse routes, small waters and coastal environments, pollinator habitats or new technical solutions that enhance nature.

Positive impacts on biodiversity

For funding to be granted, the project must have proven positive impacts on biodiversity, the applicant must have provided Metsä Group with accurate and adequate information about the funded project, an analysis must have been carried out on different sources of funding, the project must be launched in accordance with the application, and the applicant must meet the monitoring and reporting requirements.

In project assessments, Metsä Group cooperates with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the Ministry of the Environment, the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, the University of Eastern Finland and the Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK).

More information

Companies have an important role to play in increasing diversity

Nature management projects are an excellent complement to our ecological sustainability programme, which we are implementing as part of our management of commercial forests, wood procurement and the sale of forest services.

By channelling money wisely, we are also making an indirect impact by promoting a new culture in which companies play an important role in combating biodiversity loss and protecting biodiversity.

So far, we have funded 16 different projects under the Nature programme with €600,000.

The funding round of the programme has ended! Next round in 2024.

New projects are selected for the programme anually

Roughly 30 projects took part in the round of applications, which ended in late May 2022. The following projects were selected for the programme, with a total financial investment by Metsä Group of approximately EUR 250,000.

  • Rehabilitation and renovation of the Capeenpuro in Laukaa
  • Pölyttäjälinna- project in Salo
  • Rehabilitation and renovation of Kalkkistenkoski in Asikkala
  • Vilajoki biodiversity project in Lappeenranta
  • Simpelejärvi renovation work in South Karelia
  • Meidän jälkemme biodiversity project in West-Saimaa
  • Järvi Tarkka shore meadow project in Kauhajoki
  • Nationwide waterfowl resting area project
  • Wetland project in Kauhava
  • A project to transfer migratory fish to Kemi and Ounasjoki

For further information about the programme, please send an e-mail to: luonto.ohjelma[at]