Metsä Group's Code of Conduct

We are committed to doing the right thing

Metsä Group’s operations are guided by our values as well as our ownership and business strategies. To ensure that we are doing the right thing, we have established a Code of Conduct for our company, which you can read on this page.

Metsä Group's 15 ethical principles concretize our company's value-based management, and summarize our commitment to business responsibility and compliance. The principles include themes related to cooperation and respect for people, as well as responsible business practices.

We expect our personnel to study the Code of Conduct carefully and raise concerns. We also encourage our external stakeholders to familiarize themselves with the principles and to report any grievances related to our operations. There is a Compliance and Ethics channel to use for raising concerns, also availalbe for anonymous reporting.

A 100% responsible corporate culture is one of our strategic sustainability objectives for 2030. The realization of this objective is measured by an ethics index, which is based on the Ethics barometer that is conducted at Metsä Group every two years. The study gives insights to personnel’s experience of the implementation of ethical principles in everyday life at the workplace. In 2022, 58.1% of the personnel responded to the survey and our ethics index reached 85.2%. New survey will be conducted during 2024.

As with all our activities, we are committed to continuous improvement.

Ilkka Hämälä
President and CEO