Cleaner everyday life with tissue and greaseproof papers

Our tissue and greaseproof papers are an important part of the everyday life of millions of people.

Our well-known brands – Lambi and Serla in the Nordic countries and Mola and Tento in Central Europe – offer a comprehensive range of toilet papers, household towels, hand towels and paper handkerchiefs. Our greaseproof papers sold under the SAGA brand are designed for cooking and baking at home and in large professional kitchens and bakeries. 

The Katrin product line, designed for industrial-scale kitchens and professional use, includes hand towels, toilet papers, facial tissues, paper napkins and industrial wipes, as well as dispensers, soaps and accessories. You can bump into these products in any public space you can think of – from shopping centres to hospitals – around the world.

Metsä is one of Europe’s leading tissue paper producers, and we are the world’s biggest operator in greaseproof papers. Our product development is guided by a deep understanding of our customers’ needs, be they consumers or wholesalers in the retail sector.

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