Lambi rides with Posti, powered by renewable biogas – the reduction in emissions is equivalent to circling the globe 19 times

Picture: Vesa Kippola, IMAGOKUVA Lambi, a Metsä Tissue brand, and Posti, the Finnish postal service, have launched a cooperation to enable more environmentally friendly transport methods. As part of this cooperation, two Lambi-branded biogas-powered trucks will begin plying the Finnish roads in January 2022 to provide consumers with premium tissue paper by more environmentally friendly means.
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For Metsä Tissue and Lambi, sustainability means adopting improvement measures across the whole value chain. In addition to raw materials and production, sustainability needs to be considered also when it comes to transportation to customers. Reducing emissions from transportation is therefore an important part of Metsä Tissue’s sustainability actions.

The Lambi-branded trucks run on liquefied biogas, or LBG. The use of LBG in transportation reduces greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 90 per cent throughout the lifecycle, compared to the use of fossil-based diesel. This translates to an annual 128 tonnes in emission savings per truck, equivalent to around 750,000 kilometres travelled by passenger car. In turn, this corresponds to nearly 19 laps around the globe.

“Metsä Tissue stands out on the market with its unique value chain, stretching from sustainably managed northern forests to the responsible production of renewable products. For Lambi, caring about the environment also means delivering products to our customers in the most environmentally friendly way possible. We’re pleased to have found a shared ambition with Posti concerning more sustainable transports, thanks to which, Lambi will now begin to be transported fossil free, powered by biogas,” says Susanna Varsanpää, Marketing Director, Consumer Nordics.

“Metsä Tissue is an excellent company to cooperate with. We hope this cooperation extends far into the future. As sustainability is inherent in both companies’ values, we found that the joint branding of biogas trucks was excellently suited to both of us,” says Antti Wikström, Vice President, Posti Freight Services.

Tissue paper, which is a local product, is poorly suited for long transports as it contains a lot of air. Despite this, there are products being transported to Finland all the way from southern Europe. In contrast, Metsä Tissue is developing its business sustainably, based on local value chain from the forest to the consumer.

“All consumers can contribute to a more sustainable future by filling their shopping baskets with products made nearby and transported to the destination in an environmentally friendly way. Lambi’s products are a good example of this,” says Varsanpää.

The trucks will run along the Jyväskylä–Mänttä–Vantaa–Lahti–Jyväskylä route to begin with. As a future plan, similar cooperation with a local transport partner is planned also to Sweden in the spring of 2022.

For further information, please contact: Susanna Varsanpää, Marketing Director, Consumer Nordics, tel. +358 40 720 5929 or Joanna Linnermo-Kumpuoja, Communications Manager, tel. +358 40 555 5868 and joanna.linnermo-kumpuoja[@]

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