Sustainable bioeconomy originates from the forest

We ensure that our forest management, wood supply and all other forest-related activities are sustainable.

The forests in which we operate grow more than they are used. We ensure we do not cause deforestation: on regeneration felling sites, we plant four seedlings for each tree we harvest. We invest in forest renewal and in safeguarding biodiversity, and comply with sustainable forest management practices in all our wood supply operations.

We make full use of every tree

Of all the production side streams, more than 90% are now utilised, and the goal is to increase this to 100% by 2030. Cooperation with our customers and partners lies at the core of all our operations. We want the whole to be more than the sum of its parts, in both value creation and environmental benefits.

We make smart and efficient use of resources such as wood raw material, energy, water and chemicals. Some of our production plants generate more renewable energy than they need, and this surplus is supplied to society.