Metsäliitto Cooperative

Invest in forest

As indicated by its name, Metsä Group's parent company Metsäliitto Cooperative is a cooperative owned by its members. After paying their members’ capital shares, members may increase their holding by investing in Metsäliitto's additional shares. The cooperative pays interest on the shares according to the percentage decided on annually by the Representative Council.

The amount of the members’ capital share, which is a precondition for membership, is determined on the basis of the area of forest land owned and its location.


The model for Metsäliitto Cooperative's profit distribution rewards owner-members who engage in active wood trade with us. The owner-member invests income and interest earned from wood trade with Metsä Group in Metsä1 additional shares. This allows the wood to continue to yield returns for years after harvesting. Metsä1 is the only additional Metsäliitto Cooperative share that can be invested in.

In addition, from the spring of 2022 onwards, part of Metsäliitto Cooperative's profits will be distributed to owner-members based on wood trade with Metsä Group. The profit will be distributed to the owner-members in the form of Metsä1 additional shares, and the distribution will take into account industrial roundwood supplied by the member during the previous four calendar years.

Investment in Metsäliitto Cooperative and the distribution of the cooperative's profits changed at the beginning of 2022.