Nemus Futurum

Interactive and comprehensive experience. See and feel how Finnish forest and nature management is carried out in a sustainable way.

Metsä Group's forest visitor center Nemus Futurum showcases the Finnish forests in a completely new way through cutting edge technology. In the forests of Kirkniemi, in the Lohja area, our guides will introduce you to sustainable Finnish forest management, sustainable use of forests, forest nature and our bioproducts. Visitors will also experience how sustainable forest management has an effect on the climate and forest biodiversity.

Nemus Futurum
Nemus Futurum
Nemus Futurum

Would you like to visit Nemus Futurum?

The Visitor Centre is closed for this season and will be reopened on 3rd May 2023.

Visiting Nemus Futurum

The centre will be open to customers, influencers, forest owners, students and other stakeholders of Metsä Group. Nemus Futurum is open from May to October (closed in July).

The maximum group size per visit 17 persons. The tours can be held in Finnish or English. The lenght of the tour is approximately 2,5 hours.

If you are interested in visiting Nemus Futurum, please send a reservation request to the address below. We will be in touch with you when the request has been processed.

Please include the following information in the request: name of the visitor group, organisation/company, purpose of the visit, preferred time of visit (please provide alternatives), name of contact person, group size and language.

Contact: nemusfuturum[a]