Intelligent forests are here

Metsä is entering a new era. Digitalisation is transforming the forest industry, providing unprecedented solutions that make forests more intelligent. We have developed a substantial selection of digital services for forest owners, who will soon be able to visit their forests in virtual reality – and learn something new in a new way. As a raw material, northern wood, which binds carbon, is more topical than ever before. It is finding its way into more and more innovative products that are building a fossil-free future for the world.

Northern forests are managed and used sustainably. Wood is processed using expertise, technologies and solutions that are unique in the world. When data from intelligent forests is combined with expertise, we will be able to optimise forest use and management even better than before, as well as supplying wood accurately according to need and application. It is the era of the bioeconomy and intelligent forests.

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Virtual forests are here, and digitalisation is paving the way for intelligent wood products. Read more about how professionals in the field see the future of the forest industry.